Hard Corps: Uprising Announced For XBLA And PSN

Being called the spiritual successor to Contra: Hard Corps of the Sega Genesis (and strangely omitting the word Contra in its title), Hard Corps: Uprising is on its way to both HD systems by the end of the year.  Konami calls it an “homage to legacy Konami run-and-gun platformers,” and it seems to carry on the spirit of the brutally difficult run-and-guns.  The game includes both a traditional arcade mode and a more forgiving “Rising mode,” in which players are allowed to take three hits before dying.

Hard Corps: Uprising is being developed by Arc System Works, most well known for their fighting games BlazBlue and Guilty Gear, and this is reflected in the game’s anime art style.  The game is scheduled for a Winter 2010 release.

Source: IGN

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