Hockey Dash Open Beta

Looking for a free online Hockey game?  Well you have come to the right place as OGPlanet has recently released news that their newest game Hockey Dash will go into open beta June 9th.  With a mix of strategy from ice hockey to the breathtaking pace of street hockey you have Hockey Dash.  OGPlanet isn’t new to the free to play multiplayer games that is without the obligations of subscription fees or the like as they have been at it since 2005 and are going strong.  So without further ado here is more about Hockey Dash and where you can sign up.  See you on the ice.

As in ice hockey, Hockey Dash players must expose the opponents’ weak spots to land the puck in the goal, but because the game uses real street hockey skating physics, players must master dexterous and agile movements to be successful. Hockey Dash rules are simplified and gameplay focuses on teamwork and heavy contact moves so even newcomers can jump in and have a blast, while more experienced players can sharpen their strategies to create an edge.

In match mode, players may freely create teams with other users against other user-created teams or against AI NPC teams. Single player modes feature mini-games and missions with leader boards to earn in-game currency and purchase items and skills. As with all OGPlanet games, community activities such as league matches and tournaments encourage a high level of achievement and glory.

For more information on Hockey Dash and to download the game, please visit

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