Infamous 2 Is Shockingly Real

The original Infamous sold nearly 2 million copies. As a PS3 exclusive in 2009, this was impressive. Impressive enough to warrant a sequel from developer Sucker Punch as revealed on the cover of July’s GameInformer magazine.

gameinformer infamous 2


According to the story, Cole McGrath will be returning with a new look, new powers, and a new city to explore. With these new powers and location, you’ll have a new baddie to take down. As with any sequel this generation, I would have to assume that some type of multiplayer component will be added to the mix as well.

With E3 right around the corner, hopefully we will get some gameplay footage of Cole in action. Until then check your mailbox for the latest issue of GameInformer for the full 10-page article.

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  • Dorian Whittley

    Wtf is Justin Timberlake doing on the cover of GameInformer? Haha jk. Cole does look a little queer in his new outfit though.

    Ah whatever. Yay, Infamous 2 ^_^