Platform Nation E3 Predictions: Week 5

Each week in the run up to E3, one of the lovely writers on this blissful site will take it in turns to post their predictions on what could occur on June 15/16/17.

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It’s just under 2 weeks until E3 gets underway and we are able to see what lies in store for us gamers for the next year or so. Rumours are floating around all over the Internet as to what is going to be revealed- and, for some strange reason, some titles are even being announced now- take inFAMOUS 2 for example- what’s wrong with an E3 announcement for that?

Anyway, lets take a look at what I think- and hope- will be announced at this year’s E3 from the big three.

Zelda Wii gets more details
Nintendo rumours have been shallow on the ground recently, and Nintendo need something big to announce this year alongside the things that we already know about. There’s still that same picture that they released last year, and if the game’s slated for a 2011 release, then it only makes sense to announce it now worldwide, not at the TGS.

3DS details
If you’re anything like me, then the moment you heard about a new Nintendo handheld with 3D without the need of special glasses you would have slightly drooled at the thought of it…Ahem, anyway, it’s about time Nintendo show it off to the public in all its glory, and finally tell us what graphics card it will have; the rumoured nVidia Tegro that will give GameCube style graphics? Who knows…

Pokemon Black and White
Hopefully some new screens and info will be released, and what would make this even better is if Nintendo announce it as a 3DS title. One can only hope!

More Natal info
Some of you may know that Natal isn’t going to be called Natal- word on the street is that it’ll be renamed Wave come E3. One thing’s for certain though, it’s not going to be called Natal when it releases. I also expect a release date, pricing (which should come in at the £80 mark- it’s got to be cheaper than a DS, Wii and the Xbox 360 Arcade otherwise it just won’t sell), and the official announcement of the motor in it- we’ve seen an instruction manual and the dev unit that both say not to manually move the sensor itself.

Gears of War 3 info
They’ve shown off the announcement trailer, now they need to tell us more details- where it’s going to be set, more screens, any more importantly, will it have Natal controls?

360 Slim
Apparently we’ve seen the motherboard for a smaller 360, and speculation has been going around since then, many saying that it would be sensible for Microsoft to release a smaller, more efficient 360 to compete with the PlayStation 3 Slim. What this could include is an internal SATA HDD, integrated wireless N, and hopefully less RROD and similar errors that have plagued the current “fat” 360’s.

Paid PSN subscription service
Rumours have been flying high for a long time now that Sony are set to create a new PlayStation Network subscription package that will feature some nice new features, but keeping everything that we have at the moment at the lovely price of free. Included in this package could see the same benefits of the Xbox LIVE Gold package (though note what I’ve just said), cross game voice chat and even PlayStation 2 software emulation that has been apparently been in the works for a long, long time.

More Move Minutia
Like my alliterative title? Minutia means details, if you didn’t already know, and I think this is a given- hopefully Sony will pin-point the release date and pricing, which hopefully will not come in at more than £60- just look at the Wiimotes, they’re £29.99 at RRP. We should also be seeing more titles that will support it, and maybe show LittleBigPlanet 2 in action with Move.

And finally, Mass Effect
You might remember when people found PS3 code in Mass Effect 2. You might also think that it’s strange that this title is published by EA, not by Microsoft who published the first title. This year is the year for Sony exclusives I feel, so they might decide to take one from somebody else instead.

Wouldn’t it be nice if…

  1. The Metal Gear Solid series was re-released on the PS3 with updated glorious 1080p graphics?
  2. Gears of War series taken to PS3, with Gears of War 3 being multiplatform?
  3. Nintendo decide to release an add-on to the Wii that will provide HD graphics?
  4. Microsoft’s 360 Slim featured Blu-ray discs?
  5. Sony announce a PSP2 with 3D and mini-DVD’s, not digital download only?
  6. Sony bring PlayStation 2 software emulation to all PS3’s for free?
  7. Metal Gear Solid: Rising gets more screens?
  8. Multiplatform online service announced by EA, bringing PS3 and 360 online players together in the same game?
  9. Apple announce a gaming console?
  10. Sony announce a whole new PlayStation 3 interface that replaces the XMB?

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  • Good predictions, though I don’t see how mass effect 3 would make the jump. The series is based upon your choices affecting your character in future games, and moving the series from one system to another would render the ability to do that inoperable.

    • James Martin

      I didn’t mean Mass Effect 3, but maybe Mass Effect 2 and a remake of 1 or maybe a port of 1, though MS would want a lot of money for that considering that they published the first.

  • Gemini Ace

    Good predictions. I like the XMB. I hope they don’t get rid of it.

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