Red Dead Title Update Swinging Into Town Next Week

Red Dead Redemption

Rockstar has moved admirably fast to dispatch a title update for Red Dead Redemption, which should be hitting consoles next week. Even the greatest of games have a bug or two in their release code and the incoming update aims to sort out a few teething problems with multiplayer connectivity as well as the issues surrounding the Mo Van Barr bounty.

Rockstar’s official site states “We are currently testing a Red Dead Redemption title update for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 that aims to fix these and other items.”

The kindhearted devs have also announced that there will be a couple of extra DLC goodies coming our way for free this Summer. As if we’d be angry with you, Rockstar! Long may their great work continue…

Source: Rockstar

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  • andrew

    Yes finally 🙂 I knew you would come through R*