Attack Of The Movies 3-D Review (Xbox 360)

Game Review: Attack of the 3-D Monsters
Release: May 18th
Genre: Action
Publisher: Majesco
Developer: Panic Button LLC
Available Platforms: Xbox 360/ Wii
Players: Up to 4 players co-op
MSRP: $29.99
Website: Attack of the Movies 3-D

Entertainment as a medium spreads itself throughout many different art forms.  Music, Movies, and of course Video games are where the majority of us spend our free time. Thus, when I received “Attack of the Movies 3-D’, which blend movie elements with our lovely video games, I was hesitant on the idea of a first person on rails shooter that uses the old school 3-D blue and red paper glasses for a 3-D effect. The game play  includes up to four player co-op , set in various locations using traditional movie monsters. Now as a father of 3 boys whom all play video games I thought to myself that this would be a great chance to play a game, that is obviously aimed at a younger audience that can get into the whole 3-D gimmick, with all my boys. Thus after our experience I decided to bring you the rest of the review not from my perspective but with the dialogue of our game play experience.

So to set the stage, the players are.

Logan: Age 6

Carlos: Age 8

Joey: Age 10

GUI: Age…….I’m old.

“And..heeeeeeere we go!’

GUI: O.k. Boys are you ready for some Attack of the movies 3-D?

Boys: “Yeahhhhhh! 3-D!”

Logan: I don’t have glasses…dad.

GUI: Hold on son there is one for each of us.

Everyone logs in to their ID’s and main screen boots up.

Joey: Yeah guys this is going to be awesome…

GUI: O.k. guys should we select 3-D or 2-D game play?

Boys: (Screaming) “3-D!!!”

Level one select screen opens up as attack of the giant scorpions.

Carlos:  Scorpions are cool dad, here we go.

Game play starts.

Joey: Dad, where is the 3-D going to start, this doesn’t feel 3-D.

Logan: Yeah I don’t see any 3-D.

GUI: Logan you have to put on your glasses.

Logan: Oh.

5 Min into game play we have all died and have restarted.

Joey: We have to work as a team, is Logan even shooting.

Logan: I don’t know where I am, where is my shooting dot?

Carlos: Where is the 3-D?

Logan: Can I use the Wii remote dad?

GUI: No Logan this is an Xbox game.

Logan: Well it looks like a Wii game.

GUI: Well its not.

Logan: It should be.

We all die again.

Carlos: Can we go into 2-D mode?

Joey: Yeah 2-D mode dad.

I switch to 2-D mode and the game is all of a sudden visually better.

Joey: Do we have to play the same level again, what difficulty is it on?

GUI: We can’t move on until we beat this level son. I have it set on casual.

Joey: Yeah, casually hard, “LOGAN,” shoot the monsters.

Logan: I don’t know where I am.

Carlos: Can we just play some Super Smash Brothers now dad?

Joey and Logan: Yeah Dad.

GUI: o.k. guys, O.k.

So Platform Nation family there you have it straight from the mouths of those the game is aimed for. In the end Attack of the Movies 3-D is probably what you expected. Nuff said.

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  • Ben Hiebing

    One of the most entertaining reviews I have read. I think it does a good job of capturing the feel of the game. Nicely done.