Secret Files: Tunguska For Wii & DS

Here’s a little something heading our way for the Nintendo Wii and the DS.  The name of the game is Secret Files: Tunguska and it is a point and click adventure game that is set to release the end of this month..  So you know when it is coming out how about the price tag for this adventure game.  How does $19.99 sound and that is for the Wii and the DS respectfully. But you really don’t know much about the game, so we have provided you with a little description of the game and after the jump you can check out the video.

It’s June, 1908.  You are a Russian, doing normal Russian things northwest of Lake Baikal, in the middle of Siberia.  As you and your comrades are… I don’t know, bolshevizing, maybe?… you see a large column of light as bright as the sun appear nearby.  Then, a HUEG LIEK EKSBAWKS ‘SPLOSION happens and knocks you on your back, where you sustain a massive and highly improbable head injury and die, thus removing you from this narrative.  What happened?  Well, you’ll never know, ’cause you’re dead.  But other people will research this event for decades.  Eventually, some will say that it was an air burst from a comet or meteoroid entering the atmosphere.  But others say that it was something else.  Something more… sinister.

Flash forward 100 years.  Nina Kalenkov is your average woman with your average brilliant scientist father.  When he goes missing, Nina finds that her father focused much of his energy on researching the Tunguska Event.  What happened to him?  What relevance does the Tunguska Event hold?  WHAT WILL YOU DO?  This is where the REAL story begins…

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