Target Demographic – Episode 092 Predict This! Again.

On this around the pool table, Bryan gets Lost, Jonathan thinks he’s a prince, Wayne somehow avoids hating Zeke, and Matt resists his new found urge to say “eh” all the time. Plus our E3 prediction conversation combines the best of gazing into the future and gazing at a spreadsheet. It’s fun and you should try it too!

Around the Pool Table:
– Playing ModNation Racers
– Lost

– Played through Alan Wake – Spoiler Cast forthcoming
– Played through Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands
– Playing Red Dead Redemption, Super Mario Galaxy 2, ModNation Racers, Split Second
– Watched Robin Hood
– Watched Prince of Persia

– Watched Prince of Persia
– Playing inFAMOUS
– Back to MW2 – Prestige?
– PN Play Date Modern Warfare 2 – XBOX 360 – Sat. 06/05/10 2:00PM PST add Boss Kamikaze

– NHL11 Community Trip
– Beat Brutal Legend
– Beat Sam and Max – Penal Zone
– Playing Metro 2033
– Playing 3d Dot Game Heroes

Main Topic: E3 Predictions:
– The crew makes predictions and records all of them – to ensure future bragging rights.
– Check out this spreadsheet.  Fill out your predictions, and email them to [email protected]
– We are all looking forward to E3 and seeing how we fare against our listeners!

Phone Call: Super Mario Galaxy 2 Calls Jonathan Out – Phils call
Text from theGoogle Voice transcription, just for fun: “This is Bert, Jonathan, It’s Mario Galaxy Zoo while you’re playing me. I don’t know if I’m getting involved up and I just heard your plane. Gablers and right but heard you. I can stop he’s not playing. I came in way meet. I’m going to awesome day. I’m saying it means that you’ll like. 15. I’m calling you love him, I don’t dare you. Maybe rock my new book being day in part way. What bye.”

Email from Craig Wagner
– Another point of view on “Project $10″

Email from Kirbstomp
– Check out for a whole directory of sites to invest time on!

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