Are You Hyped For E3?

Are you excited yet? E3 is less than 2 weeks away, and to be honest, I don’t see a ton of buzz out there about it (Or, a lot of expectations, at least). Of course, we have our prediction threads here, and there’s expected announcements from the world about certain projects (or some leaked announcements), but what is there really to get super psyched for this year? Or, more importantly, what surprises are going to come out?

I think the buildup to E3 and the buzz is usually directly correlated to the level of excitement in gaming as a whole.  Right now, you have 3 main consoles that are now years into their lifecycles.  Sony and Microsoft are going to announce details on peripherals that they hope will extend their respective system’s lifecycle, while Nintendo MIGHT announce something that will get them into the current generation of gaming systems.   I don’t expect any surprises on the hardware side of things from the big 3, and maybe that’s dragging things down a bit on the expo as a whole.  Software is great, and I’m looking forward to seeing what new games I will be plunking my money down on in the future, but hardware makes the biggest splash in the industry, and without anything expected on that front, I wonder just how big this year will be for gaming.

More hype over rumored keyboard than actual game

Don’t mistake what I’m saying here as wanting companies to push out new systems every 2 years to keep things fresh: I think, last gen graphics on the Wii aside, all 3 systems are where they need to be from a technology standpoint, and would be fine for another couple of years.  Developers need time to maximize the systems and we’re seeing the fruits of that labor now with recent releases.  I just also know that without big hardware announcements, gaming numbers tend to trend down (release months of long awaited games aside).

So when E3 comes and goes this year, keep it locked to Platform Nation for all the latest news and announcements.  Who knows? Maybe we’ll all be surprised with what comes from it all.

What do you think? Are you psyched for E3 this year? Do you expect any surprises this year? Do hardware announcements make these events bigger? Do you prefer software or hardware information?

Another DS announcement expected. E3 staple at this point

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  • Why yes I am!!

  • Excited

    There’s a lot of excitement! I would say one of the most promising E3’s yet (for me anyway) I can’t wait for the 3DS & Zelda!

  • StylelessKnave

    I’m excited for the titles coming out this year, but without new hardware, there really isn’t that big buzz that we are used to surronding E3.

  • Zabba

    E3 looks tight this year.

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