E3 2009 Report Card 12 Months Later, How Did Sony Do?

Earlier this week we looked back at Microsoft’s E3 show and give them a mark out of 10.  Perhaps controversially they walked away with 7 out of 10.  Next up is Sony.   Lets read on and see what they said they would do and score it against what they actually delivered on in the last 12 months.

Of course Sony’s conference covered the PlayStation3, PlayStation Portable and the old trusty PlayStation 2 but did having three systems mean they were more or less likely to keep their promises?

Claim 1: “09 will be the best year ever for PlayStation”

Verdict:  Well Sony set the bar pretty high for their first promise and the substance behind their claim was the release of Final Fantasy 13, Modern Warfare 2, Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Heavy Rain, & Rock Band The Beatles to name a few.  Five of these titles also appeared on the Xbox 360. So they aimed high for this claim but in the cold light of day, a year later, their claim seems a bit weak.

Claim 2: More than 100 new releases for the PS2.

Verdict: I counted approximately 50 new releases since last years E3 so Sony may have missed their target by almost half.

Claim 3: 35 Platform exclusive games will be released.

Verdict: It turned out that around twenty of these 35 games were downloadable PSN games. Did Sony delivery on this promise?, well it all depends on whether you thought an exclusive game was a release you could pick up in a store or not.

Claim 4: MAG will be released in the fall (Autumn)

Verdict:  MAG was released in January so it’s a bit of a stretch to call January, the fall.

Claim 5: The PSP is still receiving some love from Sony with Dissidia Final Fantasy, Assassin’s Creed Bloodlines, Petz, Loco Roco 2, Patapon 2 and Rock Band Unplugged by the end of the year.

Verdict: Each of these games were released before the end of the year.  That’s a tick in the box.

Claim 6: PSPgo. “would not replace the PSP 3000 or UMD”

Verdict: Yes the worst kept secret of E3, the PSPgo was announced and when Sony reassured us all that it would not replace the good old PSP3000 with its UMD, I don’t think they meant that no-one would buy the PSPgo.

Claim 7: “All PSP titles, moving forward, will be digitally distributed via the PlayStation store and at retail via UMD as well.”

Verdict:  Credit goes to Sony for supporting legal digital downloads and bar a small handful of titles, all the other PSP releases were available on both UMD and digital distribution.

Claim 8: Gran Turismo PSP will be released in October.

Verdict: Yes it was and yes it was good. That’s another tick in the box for Sony.

Claim 9: Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker is the true sequel in the MGS series

Verdict:  In less than 24 hours after announcing MGS Rising at the Microsoft conference, we hear how the true sequel in the Metal Gear series will be released on the PSP in 2010.  It hasn’t been released just yet but as we’re only halfway through the year, its hard to criticise this claim.

Claim 10: The PSP would have a raft of major releases for the holiday season including Resident Evil.

Verdict: It was a long list of games that flashed across the screen and many of them were released, even if a couple creeped into 2010 but the major omission is Resident Evil for the PSP.  I want it but has anyone seen it?

We’re about halfway there. As you may remember the Sony conference was a marathon session, clocking in at almost 2 hours.

Claim 11: 50 PsOne game would be released through PSN.

Verdict:  Sony delivered on this promise.

Claim 12: The Agency, an exclusive title will be released by Rockstar

Verdict:  No reason to doubt this yet and we may see and hear more from this years E3.  This is neither a plus or a minus for Sony as apart from confirming its existence, Sony had not really claimed much more here.

Claim 13: Final Fantasy 14 will only be available on PS3

Verdict: What a great announcement for Sony fanboys. Microsoft were still smug about pulling Final Fantasy 13 into the Xbox 360 family and then Sony shocked the gaming world by trumping Microsoft with this news, or did they?  Final Fantasy 14 is an online only game, similar to Final Fantasy 11 and similar to FFXI, FFIX will be released on the PC.

Claim 14: We’ll all be Move(ing) in the Spring.

Verdict: Sony Move was hailed as the true gamers motion controller and those who have got their hands on it during demonstration shows have all gave it glowing reports about its accuracy. So it sounds like the claim of it being the motion controller of choice for all types of gamers may well be true (time will tell), but the Spring release date has been and gone.  So very nearly another tick in the box.

Claim 15: Modnations Racer. Build your own tracks and race them in 2010.

Verdict:  Modnations Racer was released last month and has been well received.  Some comments and reviews refer to it as the LittleBigPlanet of kart racers which can only be a good thing, but time will tell if the community support similar to LBP grows or not.

Claim 16: God Of War 3. Demo of first few minutes.

Verdict: The crowd loved watching the demo and the final game excelled in every way it was claimed it would. Being fussy about the claim however, it was not technically the first few minutes, more like a few minutes after the first few minutes. I’m just saying Sony, if you’re going to be specific, at least be accurate.

Claim 17: Gran Turismo 5. Yet another teaser.

Verdict: It wouldn’t be a Sony conference without a teaser for GT5. Still waiting for much more though…

Claim 18: The Last Guardian. Completing the trilogy.

Verdict: As the game has not been released and is still being developed, it would not be fair to cast doubt on this claim that the PS3 will be the console to play this game on.

Final Verdict:

This summary may come across as a Sony bashing article but that’s just the way Sony roll at E3, plenty of ambition, promising the moon on a stick and inevitably falling short.  If they aimed just a bit lower they may hit more of their promises.  The exclusives were actually massive hits and arguably the last 12 months have been the best in the life of the PS3 and the gap between the Xbox 360 and PS3 in terms of overall sales closed yet again.  Despite a great year, Sony, you get a 5 out of 10 and a slap on the wrists for overselling far too many things and not delivering.

Don’t forget that when E3 comes and goes this year, keep it locked to Platform Nation for all the latest news and announcements.

Next up, Nintendo.

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  • Quantrell Toval

    The Beatles: Rock Band was released on the PS3. I know because I own it.

  • EndLense

    in claim one u forgot to mention God of War 3 and Uncharted 2. those games were a big part of the best yfar claim that you failed to mention. As for modern warfare 2, Microsoft was the one pushing it on a mountain as if it were a 360 exclusive, but then again, the 360 exclusive well was a bit dry.

  • Scott

    Sony did rock E3 but still you seem fairly harsh. They had more exclusives then Microsoft and most if not all of them were great. I don’t care about Move or Natal so I’m not going to say anything about them but still I think it was Sony followed by Microsoft and Nintendo screeching in at the end. Of course, if you do care about Motion Controls for some reason then I guess Microsoft would win…

  • Scott

    Sorry I meant to say didn’t rock E3… my mistake…