JoyRide Polished For Natal?

For many gamers out there eagerly awaiting an update regarding JoyRide, this might not be the news you have been waiting for. According to a CVG source, JoyRide has undergone a significant overhaul and is a much larger/ ‘richer’ game than was previously thought. The game has also been configured for use with Microsoft’s Natal controller hence the delay in both release and the lack of substantial information surrounding this title.

The source also mentioned that JoyRide will no longer be a free-to-play game, but will instead be a full game and gamers are to expect more features and a richer overall gaming experience. More details will be mentioned and confirmed during this year’s E3 in just less than two weeks. I for one I am really looking forward to hearing more news regarding this title as the game is nearly a year late but I guess it will be worth the wait in the end.


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