P*N’s Editors A Quick Look

Ever wonder who the people are behind the scenes that are not just one of the awesome writers here at Platform Nation but actually help others behind the scenes of Platform Nation and get them going in the right direction?

Well I have complied a quick look at those editors and without further ado here I give you P*N’s Quick Look at the Editors, but first I must say like our awesome writing team all of this work is done for free on their free time and why do they do it?  Well because they all love gaming, writing, and reaching out to the community and when you add an awesome writing staff and mix in our colorful editors you get Platform Nation. The editors are responsible to make sure all article posted on P*N meet the requirements check for errors and help get new writers going in the right direction.

Here they are:

Jeremiah John Hill (JeremiahNight)

Moderator – Writer – Editor for Platform Nation. Lover of Sci-Fi epics, Space Operas, Comics, Film (and its craft), and of course gaming. I’ll give almost any game a chance, but I’m drawn to games like Mass Effect, Halo, Tom Clancy games, JRPG’s, Tekken, Geometry Wars, Ratchet & Clank, Killzone, and many many more. Currently in college (and plan to go for the rest of my life)

I would like to add Jeremiah might not have hit on his talent for Halo, as I didn’t realize the story was so complex until I spoke with him.  So no Halo bashing as Jeremiah will be there to defend his beloved Halo Universe.

Adam Jagger (Krazy XP)

Adam doesn’t leave much for us as far as his bio goes but I can tell you Adam is the “British” go to man when it comes to writing, as we all know people will start ripping apart an article because of the misspelled words by our writers across the pond, and Adam is there to help pick up the pieces when we get those emails and clarifies that the spelling is correct and that is the way it is spelled across the pond.  Who knew there was different ways to spell in Britain or Ireland compared to us, I never did and Adam is there to help with that aspect.

Patrick Talbert (AzraelPC)

Patrick can be found discussing sports on his Twitter account or maybe his favorite game that he is currently slapping around while getting that perfect gamerscore.  Patrick has a keen eye for grammatical errors and misspelled words at just a glance and will help out anyone in the community at a moments notice.  With Patrick game review are always taken seriously he will tear apart the game from the ground up and start all over again and will always bring a unbiased opinion about the game to the community.

Sarah Brannan (FFXPrincess)

I’m 26 years old, I currently live in St. Louis, MO. Favorite type of game to play would be RPG’s, Final Fantasy being my favorite series. I spend most of my time gaming, writing or reading, and online. The most current systems I have: PS3 (FFXPrincess), PSP, and a Wii.

Sarah keeps us on our toes.  She speaks her mind and is always there to lend a hand and brings a nice addition to the editing team.  She is a great writer that has brought some awesome pieces to the community.  As you can tell by her name she might be a little knowledgeable about Final Fantasy.  So if you think you knew all there was to know about the series, Sarah will probably know just a little bit more.

These are the men and women of the P*N Editing Team.  I hope you had a good ride with the brief look into the editors and if you have any questions comments feel free to let them know, they are always happy to hear from the community and love to be involved.

*Note some of the editors did not have their bio filled out so I added a brief statement about them, I hope I hit on all of the right areas and on the same note I hope I didn’t discredit them in anyway.

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  • This is great stuff. It means that the site sticks together and will always have each other’s back. Now, just waiting on the famous Andrew…