Alan Wake – Spoiled in 60 Minutes

Join us for a spoiler-filled discussion of Microsoft’s long-awaited psychological thriller, Alan Wake. In this roundtable chat, Nick Kosareo, Davide Vigliotti, Jonathan Maher, and Mike Phillips try to shed some light on the confounding story, tumultuous history, and uncertain future of Remedy’s horror opus.

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  • Jimbo

    Hey guys, is this on iTunes? Sounds really interesting as I didn’t have a bloody clue what just happened when I completed Alan Wake, but I would like to listen on my iPhone.

  • Jimbo

    Oops my bad links have just been added at the bottom, thanks!

    • NBA Kirkland

      Where? Am I blind?

  • Jeremiah Night

    This should be good

  • Enjoyed the show. I had fun with the game and it was nice to hear the perspectives on the story, gameplay and future DLC. Thanks.