FUNimation And BioWare To Release Dragon Age Animation

FUNimation Entertainment and BioWare have announced plans to produce a Dragon Age movie. With production slated to start last month (according to the press release… which appears to have been meant to get sent out last month), the animated movie should hit home markets in 2011. Dragon Age will be the first production under FUNimation’s Original Entertainment team, which was formed last November. Up until this point, FUNimation has primarily released Japanese animation, live-action foreign movies, and the rare video game guide.

FUNimation has quickly gone from a mass-market dub crew to the leading production crew for Japanese productions in America. No word on who will be doing the animation for the feature, which could easily impact it’s quality. Previous game tie-ins have been lacking in both the critical and commercial department, but this is the first time FUNimation has had a hand in the creation of one. Here’s to hoping that this will buck the trend.

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  • Mr. Lucha

    Hmmm.. As much as I love Dragon Age and FUNimation (well old DBZ) I am not sure if they should be cutting their “original” teeth on something this huge.

  • I’ve never played the game so I’m neutral. Mostly, I see this as a way to potentiall add new fans to the anime fanbase, bring in a lot of new money to Funi and hopefully get more of the anime I love licensed and dubbed in English. Really, I just care about how this benefits the anime side of things.

  • I tried this game once, but didn’t like it much.

  • Awesome game, i’ve it.