Games I Suck At: Madden

Currently there is a sweet copy of UFC Undisputed 2010 spinning in my 360 and it got me wondering if the UFC is going to be a yearly update like NBA Live, Madden, or MLB The Show. While I find baseball to be the most boring sport ever, and have no desire to play an NBA game that isn’t immediately followed by words “JAM” or “STREET,” I have found myself coming back to Madden every year and questioning if I should pick it up.

I have paid full price for 2 Madden games in my lifetime, Madden 95 for my Sega Genesis, and Madden 08 for my PS3. I have played a Madden here and there, but never dove in with my own money till then.  I enjoyed the complexity of the Madden 08 experience, and was able to hold my own (on the lowest difficulty) offline. A lot had changed since 1995 for the series, and I was really trying to get into the new game. After spending a considerable amount of time going through the different modes and such, I decided to play an exhibition game online.

The score was somewhere in the area of 48-0 by the time the 13 year old kid disconnected from the game halfway through the 2nd quarter.

Not only did I suck at this game, I was downright terrible. I can only blame my favorite team’s (Houston Texans) stats for so long before I see that it was all me. My little brother is a savant at this stupid game, and I cant even score a pity-touchdown online? I played a little more (offline) and called it a day. Every year since I see the new Madden come out and every year I ask my wife to convince me to get it. She doesn’t, so I don’t.

I do enjoy the Blitz games and the 1st 2 NFL Street games tremendously. But  I just cant get a hold on Madden!

Madden Football, I am sorry, but I can't play you.

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  • Mrs. Lucha

    Awe, you sell yourself short babe. You arent that bad. 🙂 I love you honey. You are wonderful and so is your writing! 🙂