Guitar Hero For iPhone OS Announced And Released Today

Activision has announced at Apple’s WWDC keynote today that Guitar Hero will be available in the App Store today. Running $2.99, the title allows for connection to Facebook. Guitar Hero‘s competition, Rock Band and Tap Tap Revenge, have been available for the iPhone OS for great lengths of time. Additionally, the keynote revealed that Farmville will be available this month in the App Store.

Guitar Hero started off strong, effectively creating the music genre in America, but in recent years has seemed to fallen by the wayside. With Rock Band pretty much taking the original crew behind Guitar Hero, pioneering the multiple gameplay formats, and not flooding the market as much as Hero (with only two main titles and band variations so far), it’s taken strides in the field. While I have a bulk of the titles, many are still unopened, as you can usually find a Hero title on the cheap. Still, for $3, many people will undoubtedly rock out on the iPhone.

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