Person of Interest: Iain Hanson

Iain Hanson, like pretty much everyone on this site, is a gamer. Unlike pretty much everyone on this site, Iain is paralyzed from the chest down.

After an accident left him without the use of his legs and only limited use of his upper body, Iain challenges himself with video games. The fact that he isn’t able to use his fingers properly is only an obstacle to be conquered when it comes to gaming.

Here, Iain describes how he plays Modern Warfare 2:

[…] for MW2, I use my left palm or ball of my hand for the left stick, have to take my hand off it to use my thumb for the D-pad. I vary between using my right hand i a similar fashion for the right stick, and twisting my left hand over so I can aim while I shoot. I press L1 with my right index finger as I press R1 to shoot with the base of my thumb (kinda where it turns into a thumb from being wrist). For L2 and R2 I use my right middle finger whilst aiming the right stick with my left hand. For the buttons on the right I use my thumb, having to take my hand off of the right stick or trigger buttons. I switched to tactical so I crouch with R3, I had to as I kept going to aim and swinging my knife.

It’s really quite amazing. Check out the video below to see Iain’s methods in action.

Follow Iain on Twitter and subscribe to his YouTube channel.

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  • Iain, isn’t just a person of interest he is a role model for people with disabilities and without, not only has he overcome what he went through but he has adapted and found away to do what he enjoys. Keep playing Iain and I know the title for the video says How I play video games with my disability, I would change it to How I play video games with my heart.

    You Rock Iain!!!

  • I’ll second that.

  • That’s pretty awesome! Who says you can’t played disabled? Lian is having fun and proving that nothing can stop you from gaming. Like Scott said, he’s a great role model.

  • Hats to you sir! You are an inspiration to gamers.