P*N’s Community Manager

What you didn’t know we had a Community Manager?  Well we do and his name is Andrew Hunt a young lad from across the pond hailing from Ireland.  Now Andrew just doesn’t wear the hat of Community Manager here he is also one of our writers at Platform Nation.

Andrew Hunt (Boss Kamikaze)

Hey this is Andrew Hunt or in the gaming world i’m knowing as Boss Kamikaze. I live in Ireland and i’m 17, ever since I was young I was playing these things called “video games” (Yeah, I don’t know either) and now I write about them. I am the Community Manager & Writer here at P*N and I am in charge of the P*N Game Nights! I play games ALOT on so add my Xbox Live Gamertag; Boss Kamikaze and maybe we can play sometime. That’s about it so until next time were Oscar Mike!

So what does a Community Manager do you may be asking?  Well I will give you the $1 tour.  Andrew is in charge of securing giveaways for the P*N community, yes giveaways don’t we all love free swag!  He is also in charge of setting up P*N’s Game Nights, this is something that used to be a regular thing at P*N and now has returned in full force and why haven’t we seen you there?

Andrew also has been working on setting up game nights with other communities so we can all interact and have a little friendly competition amongst other gaming sites.  He also responsible to help spread the word of P*N and branch out to the community, because without P*N’s faithful community let’s face it his job would be a tough one.

If you would like to get in contact with Andrew to set up an event or even have your product or game as a giveaway on P*N, you can email him at [email protected]

So keep an eye on P*N’s Twitter account and of course Andrew’s for all the up to date happenings at Platform Nation and don’t forget an easy way to stay in the loop is with P*N mobile app either on the go or when you can’t get to a PC, P*N’s mobile app is your answer.

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