H&K MP5 For The Nintendo Wii?

We are not kidding here, you can own a Rapid Shot submachine gun peripheral for the Nintendo Wii.  Not only does this look like a Heckler & Koch MP5 machinegun, but it will also have a detachable magazine for batteries of course and a built in speaker and rumble for that added little bit of realism to your next shooter for the Wii.  But one thing as you scan over the picture where does the Wii remote go?  Well with this peripheral there is no need to attach your controller to it as this replaces it. Now this isn’t for the youngsters of the house as it does have a M rating attached to it.

So stay tuned to P*N as this new controller will be featured at the Innex booth at E3 and learn more about the new Innex Rapid Fire Machine gun for the Wii.  Also remember to stay tuned to Platform Nation for all things E3 next week.

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  • danny d

    were can i pay one