New Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days E3 Trailer and Preorder Bonus

The E3 trailers are coming thick and fast now and PlatformNation are proud to bring you the latest Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days trailer.

If you missed the first gameplay trailer then jump over to this link to watch it. (Welcome to Shanghai)

This new trailer gives us more insight into Lynchs reasons for protecting his girlfriend.  We also get to see more of the non-stop action with even more gameplay footage.  The action looks frantic but be warned, although some of the bad language has been beeped out some swear words can still be heard in the trailer, so if you’re under the recommended age, don’t click play. You have been warned.

Hold on, what’s that you say?  Something about a pre-order bonus in the article header? Oh yes, I almost forgot, get your pre-order in at now for exclusive Greed, Betrayal, and Revenge Multi-player Pack! Betrayal, greed, and dirty money feature prominently as you play the Radio Tower Map across all 4 multi-player modes. As an added bonus you’ll receive three exclusive multi-player weapons: the Doretta handgun with silencer, the US-standard Steel 780 shotgun, and the TOQ SBR submachine gun.

Continuing the story from the first gameplay trailer “Welcome to Shanghai” the footage reveals more about the motivation and determination Lynch has for protecting his new found girlfriend, Xiu. It also showcases the unrelenting action as players will witness the off-the-cuff play mechanics such as blind-fire and improvised explosive devises.

GameStop’s Greed, Betrayal and Revenge Preorder Bonus

IO Interactive and Square Enix are proud to announce the Greed, Betrayal, and Revenge Multiplayer Pack, a collection of bonus content for Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days, available only with in-store and online preorders from  GameStop. With their preorder, gamers will receive an exclusive multiplayer map as well as a deadly collection of weapons.

Betrayal, greed, and dirty money are the name of the game in the exclusive Radio Tower Map, which can be played in all four of Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days’ multi-player modes. To facilitate the depravity and deceit, players will have   three exclusive multi-player weapons at their disposal:  the Doretta handgun with silencer, the US-standard Steele 780 shotgun, and the TOQ SBR submachine gun.

The exclusive GameStop preorder items are available for online and in-store customers while supplies last.



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Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days follows two of gaming’s most notorious criminals as they experience 48 hours of hell. The distinctive visual style and relentless action offer intensity only Kane and Lynch could provide. Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days is set to release August 24, 2010 in North America on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

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