New MAG “Interdiction” DLC Hits June 22nd

Still the most ridiculous cover art to come out this year.

Despite worries that they might have their hands full with another major upcoming title (here’s a hint: it rhymes with Shmocom Shmour), Zipper Interactive has made good on their promise to still be dedicated to MAG, their new PS3-exclusive IP which was released earlier this year in January.

The main attraction in this new DLC package is a brand new, 128-player (64 VS 64) game type called “Interdiction.” This game type will involve a battle between two PMCs, who will both by trying to gain control three specific “capture points.” The game type will also have a heavy emphasis on APCs allowing up to 16 APCs on the map at once. This means that each squad will get its own APC, unlike in the other game type, Domination, where every other squad gets one, leaving the other squad left to make their way on foot. 3 new neutral maps (called Lake Bayano Spur, Sovot Motorway, and Iron Cree Quarry), meaning, unlike the rest of the maps included with the game, these maps will not belong specifically to any of the three PMCs that you signed up for. So, any PMC can be on any side at the beginning of any match, which should add some good variety.

Other items included in the package are: one new heavy armor for each for each PMC, new ribbons, medals, and, perhaps most notably, new trophies that will take you another million years to achieve. Those rewards are as follows:


  • Jump Start – Capture 2 Command Posts in a round of Interdiction
  • Mowing the Grass – Get 10 kills with a vehicle turret in one round
  • Dashed Hopes – Destroy 2 mines with gunfire in one round
  • Cannonball Rally – Become an MVP (1st, 2nd, or 3rd) in a round of Interdiction


  • Roadside Assistance – Capture 10 Interdiction control points over your career
  • Landscape Architect – Get 50 kills with a vehicle turret over your career
  • BOD – Destroy 20 mines with gunfire over your career
  • Designated Driver – Earn 5 Interdiction MVPs over your career


  • King of the Hills (Bronze) – Earn the Roadside Assistance medal while playing Interdiction
  • Red Ball Express (Silver) – Earn the Designated Driver medal while playing Interdiction
  • Road Runner (Gold) – Capture 3 Interdiction control points in a single round

This DLC is set to release on June 22nd, for the fairly cheap price of $9.99 USD. I don’t know about you, but, I’m really impressed with how well Zipper Interactive has held up  their commitment to this IP. Since it’s release, Zipper has really kept in touch with the MAG player community by holding community votes, adding regular patches that tweak gameplay here-and-there, and releasing free weapons and outfit DLC packages. Personally, I feel that MAG has, so far, been the most overlooked game of the year, but, it’s great to see that the community that it has is being supported and appreciated so well.

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