Hulu Rumors Are True

As we reported last week, Hulu is rumored to be coming to the Xbox 360 in the near future. According to Reuters, the rumors are true. Hulu will be offering a paid subscription service to Xbox 360 and iPad users as early as next week (see E3).


The monthly subscription model would allow you to watch new content for free and pay for older content. No information on a pricing plan yet, but it will have to be priced aggressively to compete with Netflix’s Instant Watch service.

Speaking of which, a lot of people seem to think that Hulu on Xbox is redundant considering the instant streaming that you can do via Netflix. To this I say “huh?” Netflix doesn’t offer TV shows the day after they air, which to me is the biggest thing Hulu has going for it.

If anything, Hulu will be going up against Microsoft’s own Zune video marketplace. Offering new content for free will hurt Microsoft’s business model of charging per episode. Of course, Hulu will just stream, so you won’t own the content like you do when you buy from Zune, but I know if Hulu had been available during the last season of LOST, I wouldn’t have bought any episodes from Microsoft.

The questions still stand as to whether people will pay yet another monthly fee on top of their Xbox Live and Netflix subscriptions. I’m definitely interested if the price is right. Give me more flexibility as to when I watch my shows, plus give me shows that only run on cable (It’s Always Sunny, etc), and a small monthly fee doesn’t sound so bad.

We should learn everything on Monday when E3 kicks into full swing. Until then I’ll just have to keep watching Glee on my PC.

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