Natsume Bringing Rune Factory 3 And More To E3

Family-Orientated Publisher Natsume are bringing lots of games to show off at E3, including the third installment of the popular Rune Factory series and others. Check out what else they are showing off for the DS below!:

Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar (DS)

The bazaar is now open! Zephyr Town’s bazaar was once the grandest in
the world, drawing customers and peddlers from all four corners of the
Earth. These days, though, the bazaar has more tumbleweeds than
customers. Maybe you can turn its fortunes around! Raise animals,
harvest crops, craft rare delicacies, and then sell your wares at your
very own shop! Can you bring prosperity back to Zephyr Town?

Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar looks to be a great installment of the Harvest Moon series on the DS. This look’s like a great game if you like buying, selling and fun portable gaming.

Lufia: Curse of the Sinistrals (DS)

The Sinistrals have returned! The Sinistrals, the four legendary
harbingers of doom, are out to resurrect the ultimate evil and bring
the world to its knees. It’s up to the fiery monster hunter Maxim and
his eclectic band of adventurers to put a stop to them once and for
all. Their adventures will take them across an expansive world packed
with dangerous enemies, powerful items, and diabolical puzzles!

I don’t know what Sinistrals are, but they sound pretty freaky. Hunt them down!

Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon (DS)

It’s an adventure that will transform you! The people of Sharance and
their horned Univir neighbors are embroiled in a bitter conflict. An
age-old hatred between humans and monsters divides them. You are an
adventurer with an unusual secret: you’re half human and half monster.
Are you the one who can unite the humans and the Univir? And will you
be in time to stop the growing evil force that threatens to destroy
them both?

Half human, half monster. Man-bear-pig. Sounds good.

Gabrielle’s Ghostly Groove (DS)

Gabrielle’s having a bad day. She sneezed her soul right out of her
body! She’ll have to travel to Monster Town, the home of all things
that go bump in the night, to get help. Only by busting out the
ghostliest dance moves and thrilling and chilling people will she be
able to scare up the power she needs to get herself back into her
body! It’s a spooktacular rhythm adventure!

Best introduction to a game ever. Sneezed her soul right out of her body!

You will be able to check out all of these games at E3. The company will
be holding one-on-one meetings at the show in the South Hall, booth
#823, with select media representatives.

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