Sony PS4 Viral Video: Possibly a Hoax?

This is the second of two viral videos that are either promotions for 3D oriented software/hardware coming to PS3 or maybe a whole new Sony console. The videos in question feature a series of test subjects in a science lab playing a PlayStation console and then immediately freaking out in various ways afterwards. These ads look pretty legitimate but there hasn’t been any word from Sony to confirm this. So speculate away!

This could be anything, honestly. I don’t want to outright say that these ads are real, and if by any chance they are, I’ll be shocked. Sony had promised, and claimed repeatedly at prior E3s, that the PS3 is supposed to be on a ten year lifespan, so an announcement of a new console appears to be highly unlikely. There’s a chance that they’re trying to create hype for  3D content coming to the PS3 and maybe mentioning the PS4 is just a sly strategy to attract attention. I’m inclined to believe that more than anything considering 3D gaming is the new market every company wants to get their hands into. At this point, who knows? E3 is just a few days away and Sony might possibly tells us what this is all about.

(Source Destructoid)

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  • Apparently Sony has denied these as their own, but they definitely do look legit and cool.

    They may be leaked ads that they were using as tests without releasing and thought it’d be funny to through PS4 in there for those that got their hands on them.