Dreamcast Returns For 11th Anniversary

SEGA has confirmed what we’ve mostly known for a while, announcing that SEGA Dreamcast titles will return. Kicking off the return, Sonic Adventure and Crazy Taxi are the first two announced titles, which will show up on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade. With the console famously being released on 9/9/99 in America (and, less famously, 10/14/99 in Europe), SEGA figures these will celebrate the 11th anniversary of the console, with Sonic Adventure being released before Taxi, but with both being playable at E3. SEGA also claims that the games will be untouched, but given the inability to connect VMUs for Sonic Adventure, this facet remains to be seen.

The SEGA Dreamcast is fondly remembered for both it’s original games and arcade ports… and sadly remembered for it’s incredibly short lifeline, lasting only two years, ending SEGA’s period of console production. As one who grew up with the Nintendo/SEGA wars, it was the end of an era, and also a shame… as I got my console the Christmas two months before they discontinued the console. Still, it had an incredible library of games. Stuff like Street Fighter Alpha 3, Project Justice, and Marvel VS. Capcom 2 dominated the fighting field, Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 were Sonic’s truly last great games, and stuff like Jet Grind Radio came out of nowhere.

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  • Mr. Lucha

    My dreamcast (which I still proudly own) still stands as my favorite system of all time. Project Justice is some of the best $15 I’ve spend on any gaming system. I hope they put out as many Dreamcast games as possible.

  • I still have my Dreamcast and love it. My only worry about this program is the price. I’m guessing they will be in the 1200 point range, which is a bit steep. We shall see.