E3 2010 Predictions: The Final Week

For the past five weeks, Platform Nation writers have been predicting what they think will happen at the 2010 E3 conference in Los Angeles, California beginning on June 14th.  Before I get into my own predictions, lets quickly review what has already been predicted by other Platform Nation writers.

In Week One, Nathan Hardisty predicted the following:

  • Rockstar to release details on Agent and the next Grand Theft Auto

In Week Two, Mark Withers guesstimated the following:

  • Major release available exclusively by digital distribution.  May be Fable III
  • Sony to win back several platform exclusives
  • Duke Nukem returns being released on a console

In Week Three, Brett Weiser-Schlesinger got the following from a gypsy lady passing through his town:

  • Nintendo Goes into Details with 3DS, Shows Device in Action
  • New Star Fox Game Announced
  • Pikmin 3 Announced (Again), Gameplay and Details Shown
  • Microsoft: Mass Effect 3 Announced
  • Microsoft: Halo Reach Release Date Announced
  • Microsoft: New Xbox 360 Capabilities Announced for Compatibility with Windows 7
  • Sony: New Uncharted Announced
  • Sony: Evolution of Home Announced (More Xbox Live-like)
  • Sony: LittleBigPlanet 2 Confirmed for PSP

In Week Four, Rane Pollock was sequestered until coming up with these:

  • Several high profile games supporting 3D
  • At least one game from Nintendo will feature the Vitality Sensor as a pack in
  • The 3DS will be shown off with a Mario launch title
  • Natal price revealed – $99
  • Xbox 360 Slim/Natal bundle – $399
  • Sony Move will be $79
  • Halo Reach release date will be September 7th
  • Grand Theft Auto 5 will be announced as a Sony exclusive
  • PSN will go paid
  • Gears of War 1 and 2 will be bundled for the PS3 on one disc
  • HD Wii announced with Wii Sports HD pack in
  • External Blu-Ray drive coming to the Xbox 360

In Week Five, James Martin paid lots of his hard earned cash for these tips:

  • Nintendo: Zelda Wii gets more details
  • Nintendo: 3DS Details
  • Nintendo: Pokemon Black and White Details
  • Microsoft: More Natal info
  • Microsoft: Gears of War 3 info
  • Microsoft: 360 Slim
  • Sony: Paid PSN subscription service
  • Sony: More Move Minutia
  • Sony: Mass Effect Exclusive
  • Top 10 List : Wouldn’t it be nice if…

My Predictions (as provided to me by my personal genie, Jambi):

Microsoft will announce its entry into  the portable gaming market blindsiding Nintendo, Sony and most of the gaming community.  Rumored for years, the time has come.  Microsoft has never met a market it didn’t want a share of and the portable gaming market is huge.  Would you buy a Portable 360 to play your 360 games on the go?  Damn right you would.

3D, 3D, 3D – With all the buzz about 3D, companies will look like they are behind the tech-curve if they don’t have something supporting 3D now or in the near future.  Microsoft will announce forthcoming support of 3D, Sony will bolster it’s already released 3D upgrade by announcing more titles and some backward compatibility support.  Nintendo will avoid the subject with the Wii and focus on the 3DS by announcing several new 3D games for it including The Sorcerers Apprentice by Disney Interactive.

The show stealer will be Valve. They will announce something completely off the radar.  It will not be Half Life 3 or more info on Portal 2.  This will be something completely new, or should I say very old.  They went to the trouble to fake the name of their presentation – only releasing the info around the time most things would be going to print for the show (programs, schedules, etc.)  Being masters of creating buzz, would it be so far fetched if they picked up the Duke Nukem’ franchise?

Soon all the 2010 predicting will be over and the announcements will commence.  The industry will be left to make what it will of the vast amount of vague information released to them.  We will get some answers, but we will most likely have more questions.  So let the predictions for 2011 begin.  I hear the Apple Gaming Console will be announced then.

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  • Brett Weiser-Schlesinger

    Who told you I talked to a gypsy lady?

    • Chris Forbis (mensadad)

      Jambi told me.

  • Mark Withers. (MarkWithers)

    nice summary of all weeks.

  • Great job with this Chris

    • Chris Forbis (mensadad)

      Thanks! Right back at you regarding Lock N Load episode 21 and the coverage of all the predictions.

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  • Jupiter

    My (wild and unfounded!) predictions regarding all things Nintendo at E3*

    1.) 3DS will be a technological leap over all other handhelds, and will feature some smartphone/netbook capabilities. Rumor has it that it’s more powerful than the Wii, which makes some sense given that the Wii is 4 years old, already pretty small, and that some oomph will be needed for the 3D graphical renderings. But that’s predicable. What will be a surprise is that it will be designed in part to function as a little netbook or smartphone as well. It won’t connect to a cell network, but it will feature a wi-fi video phone app, e-reader capabilities, a web browser (for sure), and maybe even some word processing, etc.

    2.) Vitality Sensor will debut with Wii Cardio, and will be substantially redesigned from last year’s screenshot in part to include a pedometer. The device will be removable from the Wii completely and will function outdoors to store data on your heart rate and distances traveled that can then be brought back home and synced with a “fitness log” to track your workout goals and progress.

    3.) Zelda Wii will feature “replayable” dungeon spaces, more action (i.e. enemies) than any other 3D Zelda, and a “girlfriend mode” second player that is more substantial than that of the Super Mario Galaxy games. By “replayable dungeon spaces” I mean instead of beating a dungeon then never going back to it again, at least some dungeons will become a bigger part of the overall world that you have to revisit after getting new items or simply retraverse to get from one area to another. Also, graphically, it will be more stylized than TP, but not as stylized as WW.

    4.) At least 2 of the following will be announced for the Wii: Pikmin 3, Star Fox Wii, Kirby Wii, Yoshi’s Story Wii.

    5.) One new announcement will be a game that requires Wii Motion +.

    6.) One new (as in, a completely original franchise) first party IP will be announced or shown for the 3DS.

    7.) Mario will show up in at least one game for the Wii or 3DS, or somewhere. Natch.

    8.) There will be no mention of a successor to the Wii (see: E3 2011).

    9.) There will be some announcement about an improvement to Nintendo’s online presence/systems.

    *I am trying to guess at things that are not already confirmed.

    Thoughts? Predictions?

    • Chris Forbis (mensadad)

      In response to #9 – I hope they completely overhaul the online portion of the Wii to make it a more social experience. It would be fantastic to have it integrate into things like Raptr and be able to game with friends more easily.

      As for the Wii being ignored – you are probably right on the money. Nintendo will be focusing on everything else and hoping that no one really notices that they didn’t announce a new Wii.

      Great predictions! We’ll find out in just a few days how accurate WE’VE ALL BEEN.

  • James Martin

    Yeah, I paid A LOT of money for those tips so make sure you know where you heard them from first. : p