Team Fortress 2 Now On Mac

Team Fortress 2, one of my personal favourite Multiplayer games of all time has now come to the Mac. Since Steam has recently come to the Mac, Valve are rolling out a huge list of awesome titles that you can now enjoy on your Mac. And now it’s the turn of TF2. PC Gamer called this “the most fun game ever made” and now you lucky Mac users can obtain this gem on Steam.

Purchase this and you will also take advantage of Steam Play, allowing gamers to make one purchase and play the game on both PC and Mac. Also, cross platform play! Yeah!

If you play TF2 on the Mac, you will also receive a free set of “earbuds” for your player character. Purchase the game this weekend on either platform and get it for 50% less than the regular price. Or even better, this weekend is Team Fortress 2 Free Weekend!

And if that wasn’t enough, a new single player training mode has been added to the game for both PC and Mac.

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  • Korso

    If you already own TF2, and downloaded it to your Mac from the Steam library, will you get the earbuds? Or does it require a purchase?

    In other words, only those who purchase the game in this time frame will get the earbuds, not those who already have it and play on their mac.

    Just a little confused.

  • Ben Lehman(wargamer17)

    Yeah i’m confused about that as well because with Steam play it would be on PC as well but I think it is if you purchase new on mac. The press release itself didn’t actually make this clear.