Comic Jumper Pre-E3 Sneak Peak

Xbox Live’s Summer of Arcade last year kicked off with one of the greatest and funniest arcade games to date; that game of course was Splosion Man from indie developer Twisted Pixel. At PAX, a new game from Twisted Pixel was revealed called Comic Jumper. Since then, we haven’t really heard much from the game aside from some leaked gameplay footage and comics related to the game. With E3 upon us, surely there must be something new.

That answer is yes; there will be more information at E3 and yes we’ve got all the details below! As an added bonus, we even have an awesome new trailer and sneak peak of a level from the E3 demo!

So first off, Twisted Pixel has revealed the third comic in the style of the silver age of comics. This third comic is called The Improbable Paper Pals. These comics act as a sort of art style or design aspect to the levels in Comic Jumper as Captain Smiley jumps into these various comics. More information and screenshots can be seen here: . There is one final comic style called Manga, but more information on this style won’t be revealed until after E3.

The second piece of exciting news is the unlockables. The first game from Twisted Pixel, The Maw, included a dashboard theme. Last year Splosion Man was the first to include avatar awards. This year, Comic Jumper will not only offer free gamerpics, a free premium theme, and avatar awards, but also unlockable DLC for Splosion Man within Comic Jumper. This DLC will offer one new single player level and one new co-op level.

Third, if you are attending E3, don’t forget to head over to the Xbox booth where you can finally get your hands on the game and see what it’s like for yourself.

Those are all the details we have for now, but before you go, feast your eyes on these awesome new videos and screenshots highlighting the Silver Age genre. Below is the official trailer for Comic Jumper and below that is a sneak peak video of the silver age level from the E3 demo. Enjoy!

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