If You Could Wish For ANYTHING From E3…

Let’s play pretend for a few minutes. You have the ability to contact anyone at E3 and tell them exactly what you want, no limitations, no rules (except it has to be E3 related, a supermodel wife does not count). Use your imagination and your love for gaming to come up with your ultimate wish for E3!

I asked around to some people on Twitter, P*N and Facebook, and here are some of their responses! (Nicknames or real names are used depending on where they commented.)

Wargamer17 – “Half Life 2: Episode 3!!!!”

PacoDG – “Pikmin LBLA/PSN”

BossKamikaze – “Eldor Scrolls V”

Nasero – “A ham and cheese sub with lettuce, tomato, pickles and mayo.”

GeminiAce – New Killer Instinct for the 360 as well as Killer Instinct Gold on LBLA.”

TeeTocks – “Nude people demoing Natal, minus the iCarly girl.”

Delano Townsend – “I would wish that Sony releases a PSP successor, drop the price of the PSPGo and give it a UMD attachment. I wish Square Enix gives details/trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3. Also, price details about Final Fantasy 14. Oh! And price drops for everyone!”

Rane Pollock – “Sarah of War” (Author’s note: I told Rane this would only be possible if I got to choose what my character looked like.)

vttym – “A sony/nintendo union so I can finally get a pswii.”

FFXPrincess (Me!) – “A Final Fantasy X movie (or the entire series). But I would have to help with the directing, writing, and casting.”

Mark Withers – “It would be a handheld xbox 360 with the power of a 360 with constant live! connection”

So what about you? Let’s start our wish list!

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  • James Martin

    Metal Gear Solid Collection. DO WANT.