Rude Gameware E3 Line Up In Florida?

Yes you read the title right.  Rude Gameware will not be at the big show in Los Angeles but will be showing off their wares in their hometown of Jupiter Florida.  Why is this you may be asking?  Well it is simple Rude Gameware has realized they are a new gaming company and the chance of them getting a good spot at E3 was next near to impossible.  So they decided to have their own little show right in their own back yard.  Now I know they are new and all but is this a wise choice on their part?  I think their product should be at the big show no matter where they where placed at the convention center.  They have some awesome products as I am speaking from first hand experience as the allowed me to test drive a pair of the Primal Headset and Mic for the 360.  But this is their choice and I hope they made a good one and if you are in the Jupiter Florida area go check them out.  Here is the directions from the LA Convention Center and a little more from their Press Release:

Jupiter, Fla.-June 11, 2010-Leading gaming accessory manufacturer, Rude Gameware today announced their E3 2010 line up of peripherals and software, as well as the location of their E3 booth, in the heart of sunny Jupiter, Florida.

“We realized being a relatively new gaming company, the odds of getting good E3 booth space was a long shot,” said Michael Epstein, Chief Rude Officer. “We were offered a spot in something called Kentia Hall, but we thought it would be better for us and our visitors if we displayed our 2010 line up in our hometown, where it’s far cheaper to park, and home of the Burt Reynolds and Friends Museum.”

Rude Gameware will be showing off all their latest critically acclaimed gaming products at their booth including:

The Primal Gaming Wireless Headset for the Xbox 360
The Fierce Laser Gaming Mouse for the PC
The Primal Extreme Gaming Headset for the PC and home/portable audio players
The Fierce Dual-Sided and Teflon/Steel Mouse Pads
GameGuard Anti-Virus Software for PC Gamers

We realize it could be difficult for some to get to our Jupiter, Florida booth from the LA Convention Center,” commented Epstein, “But is it really that much tougher than navigating LA traffic and then trying to get from South Hall to West?”

Directions from the LA Convention Center to Rude Gameware’s E3 Booth in Jupiter, Florida :

  1. Head northeast on Cherry St toward W 12th St
  2. Take the CA-110 N ramp, merge onto US-101 S
  3. Take the CA-60/Pomona Exit
  4. Take CA-60 onto I-215S to 1-10E
  5. Drive approximately 20 hours on I-10 E (you’ll go through Arizona, New Mexico, and enter Texas)
  6. Take exit 570 and merge onto I-35 N toward Austin.
  7. Screw it, if you’re not here by now E3 is probably over.

About Rude Gameware
Rude Gameware is the newest enterprise launched by a team of gaming industry veterans. Rude Gameware focuses on unique features and functions that are strictly for gamers combined with distinctive style that represents the gaming culture that we’ve been a part of for over 10 years. For more information on the complete line of Rude products and a list of local retailers, please visit us at

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