Wallace & Gromit For The iPad

One of your favorite duo’s has a new adventure and it is coming to the iPad.  This new game for the iPad will be named Wallace & Gromit The Last Resort!  The last Resort is set to be priced at $4.99 and will bring it’s unique story telling and experience to the iPad and users will be able to interact directly on the large screen of the iPad. Wallace & Gromit is available for the PC and plans to expand this title to the PS3 and the Xbox 360 later this year.  So if your not an iPad owner but love Wallace & Gromit stay tuned for release information on your favorite consoles release date.  Here is a little background about Wallace & Gromit:

About Wallace & Gromit


An endearing and affable inventor. Ever enthusiastic, Wallace’s hair-brained, over-ambitious, yet well intentioned ideas consistently get him and his faithful hound into trouble. A definite penchant for cheese and crackers, not to mention fashionable knitwear!


Wallace’s long-suffering loyal pooch. Gromit cares greatly for Wallace even though he’s often railroaded into his master’s mad-cap plans. Though cultured and sensitive, preferring order and the quiet life, Gromit displays amazing courage and heroism when it comes to getting his master out of self-made scrapes. Always showing astonishing initiative, Gromit is definitely the intelligent one of the pair.

Now read on for information about The Last Resort:

In The Last Resort, Wallace and his faithful pooch Gromit, embark on an ambitious new venture laced with unexpected (and always amusing) complications.  When foul weather throws a spanner into their holiday plans, Wallace & Gromit bring the beach to 62 West Wallaby, constructing a makeshift resort (complete with waterslide) — in their basement!  It’s a lovely holiday but keeping customers satisfied is tricky business, especially when one of them is clocked on the head by an unknown assailant.  It is up to Wallace & Gromit to find the clues and solve the mystery and figure out whodunnit, with a little help from Wallace’s latest invention, the Deduct-o-matic (and your iPad!).  This family friendly game will be available at the affordable price of $4.99 USD, £2.99 and €3.99.

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