Young Thor Announced As A PlayStation Mini

As you can see the website isn’t even up and running yet but we are here to bring you news about the newest announcement from Firma Studios.  Young Thor is a soon to be launched PlayStation Mini Title and it will be featured at SCEE’s E3 booth.  We don’t have much about the title but we do have a description we would like to pass on to you so you can get your own opinion of this mini title.

As young Thor, you’ll have to travel to both Midgard and Asgard, battling hordes of mythical monsters as you strive to put an end to Hel’s evil designs. The three Norns – Urd, Skuld and Verdandi – have gone missing, leaving no one to tend to Yggdrasil, the World Tree. Can you save the day and restore balance? Do you have what it takes to be the mighty god of thunder?

Frima Studio has already established itself as a leader within the PlayStation mini space with 2009’s Zombie Tycoon. The strategy game allowed players to take command of three squads of the undead to conquer cities and enslave humanity and is a top-selling mini.

Sounds pretty good now let’s see if they release a trailer for it so we can see a little gameplay action. One more thing here is a little briefing on Firma Studios just in case you wanted a little insight into Firma.

Based in Quebec City, Frima Studio is a leading Canadian multiplatform game developer. Since 2003, the company has produced countless world-class products for the online, console, handheld, TV and mobile markets. On the leading edge of social gaming technology, Frima is focused on building the next-generation of massively multiplayer online games for children and adults alike. Frima’s clients include world-famous names such as Build-A-Bear Workshop, Electronic Arts, Warner Brothers and Nickelodeon. With over 250 artists and programmers, Frima produces high-caliber games that are as remarkably outstanding artistically as they are technologically.

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