UFC Undisputed 2010 Patch On Its Way

UFC Undisputed 2010 is a great game and THQ has listened to the fans and is releasing a patch for some of the online issues you may be having with the game.  Brought to us by Aaron”Tank”  Kaufman the new Community Manger over at THQ for all things UFC and WWE coming out of THQ, we have a look at some of the patches headed our way.  Tank is only in his third week with THQ, but comes with experience as he was the Community Manager for EA’s Command and Conquer.  So let’s see what is in store for the patch for UFC Undisputed 2010:

A few specifics on the patch itself:

  • We have greatly improved the success rate of joining both Ranked and Player matches on PS3 and Xbox 360.  We also fixed an issue which caused gameplay to slow down on servers which had good connection quality (indicated by the Blue meter in Search Results).
  • We are all-but-certain to reset the Ranked Leaderboards when the patch deploys in order to level the current online playing field, given it has been heavily skewed by Super CAF’s, disconnects, and other nefarious gameplay issues being fixed. PLEASE KNOW this – all of your accumulated ranked online play stats are still stored offline in your personal profile, i.e. so you can always have an overall historical track. Resetting the leaderboards will allow us to start fresh competitive tournaments, new & old stars to rise once again, and level the playing field
  • Any takedowns which did not require a struggle have been removed.  Additionally, the Omoplata submission has been adjusted so that players do not escape to a standing position.
  • We have lowered the AI proficiency at executing and escaping submissions. In other words, the AI should start to feel a lot more fair, while remaining challenging.
  • Players who disconnect during Ranked matches are penalized with a Loss, DNF, and Ranked point loss as well. Not to mention, you stand no chance at gaining any credibility in the competitive landscape. Players who try to use disconnecting in the future for any purpose meant to “gain”, will never be recognized or achieve success on our leaderboard or tourneys. Take your loss like a man!

Thanks Tank and Good Luck with your new endeavor!

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  • RageSubmitee

    So when is it coming?

  • The patches were released in the month of June (towards the end) PS3 seen it first and the 360 followed up a week or so later.