Dead Space 2 Sneak Peak Gameplay From E3 Demo

Last week EA gave the Dead Space community the chance to sign up and receive an exclusive first look at the Dead Space 2 gameplay from E3. Well, today is June 14th and the brutal and deadly video has finally hit our inboxes.

The video shows us an intense scene where a new enemy called The Puker attacks Issac. We’ve seen concept art for this enemy before, but now we get a look at just how deadly this enemy is. First, The Puker gets a hold of you and essentially tries to do Puke in your face. At this point you must try and shake it off to escape alive. If you fail to shake it off in time, it rips your mask off and pukes deadly toxins in your face which ultimately kills you.

Keep in mind this is just an exclusive sneak peak at the full E3 demo so be sure to check out the EA press conference and the Dead Space 2 website for the full video on June 15th at 2pm PST/5pm EST.

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