Rumour: Kinect Listed As $150 On Gamestop [UPDATED]

So the Microsoft E3 keynote just ended and was heavily focused on Kinect. We got the date; November 4th but there was only one thing missing, the price. Yes after showing us over an hour of Kinect no price was mentioned. However, has a listing for Kinect and it shows the price, $149.99. Yes all the rumours of the price may well be true.

I personally didn’t get excited for Kinect and I couldn’t see myself going out and buying it day one. It had some cool features but was too family orientated and didn’t appeal to the core gamers; like me. What did you think of Kinect and will you be buying it?

[UPDATE] Gamestop have added yet more Kinect prices and this time it’s for the Arcade & Elite bundles. The Arcade bundle will be $299 and the Elite $399. Seems like these could be the final prices for Kinect, only time will tell.


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  • Bazinga

    150 or not I feel myself strangely attracted to it..

    I want one so bad..

    I want my own pet tiger damnit!

  • What’s the difference in the arcade and elite versions?

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  • It’s a placeholder. Read the Gamestop Kinect product page:

    Official pricing has not been announced by the publisher. This is an estimate only and subject to change. Worry Free Guarantee – if the price decreases between the time you place your preorder and the release date, you’ll receive the lowest price.

    Quantity will be limited so orders will be shipped on a first come first served basis.