Power A Announces Pro Pack Mini Wiimotes

POWER A, a video game accessory company, announced today the launch of a brand new line of Wiimotes called the Pro Pack Mini. Power A is going to launch a MiniRemote and MiniChuck for Wii. The Pro Pack Mini will offer the same functionality of a regular Wiimote, but will provide a sleek and miniature controller designed for a more comfortable grip while playing games. Although the size is smaller – 35% smaller than the original Wiimote, these mini controllers are great for all ages.

“Players will immediately enjoy the sleek feel and handling of the MiniRemote™ and MiniChuk™,” said Eric Bensussen, president of POWER A and BDA. “While the smaller devices work well for children with smaller hands, they really provide a more comfortable grip for kids and adults, extending game time, control and enjoyment.”

The Pro Pack Mini features:

  • MotionPlus™ compatibility
  • Contoured surfaces providing a natural grasp for more precise handling and eliminating edge pressure points during extended play
  • A silky, soft touch finish for a no slip grip that doesn’t require a glove
  • Larger A, 1 and 2 buttons for overall increased accuracy and enhanced game play
  • Glowing main control buttons for anytime use in any environment
  • A variety of color options including Black, Purple, Pink and Teal

The Pro Pack Mini will retail for $49.99 and will most likely be available in most stores by the beginning of August 2010.

To see what these controllers are like for yourself, head on over to the Power A booth (#5212) at E3. They will also be showing additional video game accessories at this booth.

POWER A creates reliable, high quality and innovative accessories that amplify consumers’ experiences with the world’s best technologies. This consumer products division of Seattle-based BDA, Inc. partners with some of the most popular consumer electronics companies in the world, including Nintendo of America Inc, Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC, Microsoft® and Apple®. Committed to producing the safest products possible, POWER A carefully monitors product development and quality assurance to exceed the testing requirements of its licensors. POWER A products are available at major retailers in North America, Europe, Australia, and Latin America. To learn more about POWER A accessories, please visit POWER A: Amplify Your Experience™.

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