Summer of Arcade Announced

Along with the avalanche of information on Kinect, Microsoft has squeezed in the announcement of the next Summer of Arcade promotion. Starting in July, we will be getting some of the biggest XBLA games of the year. Do you have enough points?


From Gamerscoreblog:

Summer of Arcade. Summer of Arcade is a program that has delivered some of the most beloved Xbox LIVE Arcade games of all time, including “Braid” (Microsoft), “Castle Crashers” (Microsoft), “Shadow Complex” (Microsoft), and “Trials HD” (Microsoft). This year, enjoy another stellar line-up: “Castlevania Harmony of Despair” (Konami Digital Entertainment), “Hydro Thunder Hurricane” (Microsoft), “Lara Croft and the Guardian of the Light” (Square Enix), “Limbo” (Microsoft) and “Monday Night Combat” (Microsoft). The third annual Summer of Arcade will kick-off in July, and will continue to bring you the best downloadable titles in the industry. This comes hot off the heels of Xbox LIVE Arcade Block Party, which resulted in a record breaking March – the highest number of downloads for the month of March to date in Arcade history.

Pricing hasn’t been revealed for all the titles, but I do know that the Lara Croft title will be 1200MSP or $15. This year’s games don’t seem as exciting as last year’s, but hopefully Microsoft will throw us some free MSP for buying them all.

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