Thoughts on E3 2010: Day 1

Day one of E3 was interesting, but I can’t say they started out with a BANG.
So, the talk of the day was obviously Kinect. Sad to say, I’m still not a believer. I don’t want to yell at my 360, and I don’t want to flail my arms around like an idiot just to look around the system. As Edie on Gamehounds said, when I play games, I want to relax. With the exception of Children Of Eden, I was very underwhelmed with all things Kinect.
Along with Kinect also came official confirmation of the redesigned 360. Three hundred dollars seems fair for a 250 gig hard drive, and a silent running system, but touting built in wi-fi as a selling point was a bit sad in this day and age.
So what about games? Well, news of Super Scribblenauts hit, and if they can get the controls to actually work in this version, I’m in. Also, the biggest news for me was word of Castlevania: Harmony Of Despair for XBLA. Can’t wait. Dead Space 2 got a release date of January 2011, and it grossed me out first thing this morning with images of Issac being vomited on. Halo Reach looked cool, but falls under my problem with prequels in games (so, if all this cool tech was around, why didn’t I have access to it in Halo 1?). I’m a big fan of Fable 2, so of course the trailer for 3 was right up my alley. Counting the days on that one!
The Old Republic trailer again proved that Bioware knows how to work a crowd with trailers. It was amazing, but at the end of the day an MMO is an MMO. If right clicking is your thing, they got your back, son. They just don’t do it for me, unfortunately. MGS Rising? Well, that was a bit of a surprise. Making Raiden not look like a damn fool is a hard thing to do, and they almost pulled it off here. The cutting mechanic looks jaw-droppingly amazing, but will that really keep you glued to the TV for an entire game? We’ll see.
Power Gig did nothing for me, at all. It’s a glorified guitar tutor, and I don’t think that’s what the music game crowd wants. Monday Night Combat holds promise, but does come off as highly derivative. A Team Fortress 2 take on Unreal, to be specific.
Ubisoft had the most unintentionally funny press conference of the day.
As I mentioned in the live stream, Nintendo will have to work really hard to make their show worse than what Ubisoft gave us. This was nothing but an appeal to casual gamers, and a look at future bargain bin releases. No one plays laser tag anymore, guys. The new Ghost Recon looked wonderful, but outside of that, there wasn’t a single title mentioned that I had any interest in.
So there you have it. Bring it on, day 2!

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