Timesplitters 4 Will Never Show At E3

Twisted Sister Concept art for TimeSplitters 4

We are going to get bombarded with E3 news over the next few days on the site, so I wanted to take this calm before the storm to complain about a game that will not be unveiled this year, and will possibly never happen: TimeSplitters 4.

TimeSplitters 2 and Future Perfect are 2 of the greatest games ever made.  TimeSplitters 2 was my favorite FPS for years, until Borderlands launched last year.  A while back, around the time of the Halo 3 launch, we were teased with a few shots and a video that we would finally be getting Time Splitters 4.  I am sad to say it will never happen.

The studio that makes TimeSplitters, Free Radical, is no more.  The last game they made was Haze, and I suppose that will have to do as a TimeSplitters 3.5.  They were then given the reins to the 3rd Star Wars Battlefront game, and Hot Damn, it was set to be everything I wanted.

How awesome would this have been?

Below is the teaser trailer for TimeSplitters 4, and if you haven’t played any of their earlier games, I highly suggest them.  They should be super cheap at the ole GameStop these days.

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  • Mrs. Lucha

    I know what you mean. We were so excited 🙁

  • Cygnus

    To say that Free Radical is no more is not entirely genuine I think. They were actually bought on the auction block by Crytek and redubbed “Crytek UK”. They are still out there, and David Doak himself said that if there was a new TimeSplitters coming out it would be in 2010. It may not show at E3, but there are six months left!

  • MrSocky

    I am one of the most upset people from hearing Timesplitters 4 will not happen… Around school I have even asked friends if they have ever heard of Timesplitters, about 20+ said they never heard of it. So i show them the game and they love it. Sucks that we won’t see another one of my favorite games released.

  • only game i ever truly loved i have completed few games as i get bored easily these games caught my attention and have completed 2 and future perfect several times on all difficulty settings the first wasn’t perfect but was a learning curve and am still hoping they will announce another until they actually say no there has to be hope doesnt there?

  • Thecorrector

    You are incorrect sir!