E3: Donkey Kong Country Returns

We all love him and he is making his way back to our homes.  Announced at Nintendo’s Press Conference they showed a little teaser of Donkey Kong Country Returns. I can’t wait to play this new addition and after watching Nintendo’s Press Conference I think my Wii will be shown a lot of love in the coming year.  Look out for Donkey Kong Country Returns as it is set to hit store shelves Holiday 2010.

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  • Bazinga

    I’m super happy with Nintendo’s event lol

    Got some epic games coming, and I might have to buy a Wii for them!

    Not to mention that 3DS eventually as well..!

  • Dorian Whittley

    This and Kid Icarus have made me a happy man. I’ll be getting a 3DS for Kid Icarus and DKC Returns will be a must buy for my Wii.