Weekly Trivia Round #6 – E3 Edition

Welcome back to Platform Nation’s weekly trivia.  I hope that you are enjoying this new addition to the site.  I would love to hear some feedback regarding the concept in general as well as what you would like to see to make it more interesting.

Today’s questions are going to be E3 related.  Now, I know that E3 is still going on, but I think I can still come up with an enjoyable set of questions based on press conferences that have taken place as well as ones still yet to happen.

So, let’s get on to the trivia for this week.

Set #6 Trivia Questions:

  1. Prior to E3, Microsoft was hyping a new motion controlling technology with the moniker Natal. What name is now the official name given to that technology?
  2. Harmonix is going to release a game for Microsoft’s motion sensing controller.  What is the title?
  3. What is the release date that Microsoft has set for their motion sensing controller?
  4. EA’s conference released news of the next title in a popular racing series. What is its title?
  5. The Rabbids will rejoice at Ubisoft’s announcement of this title. What is it?
  6. With Madden 11, EA introduced a new play-calling mechanic. What name was given to it?
  7. This Olympic medalist is going to be featured in a new game Ubisoft announced. Who is it?
  8. This cute animal game was used to show off some of the motion sensing controls during the Microsoft presentation. What is its name?
  9. What does E3 actually stand for?
  10. Where is E3 2010 being held? (City and venue name)

Answers will be posted Monday June 21 by noon EDT.  Thanks again for playing and I hope that you’ll join me next week for the next installment.

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  • 1. Kinect
    2. Dance Central
    3. November 2nd
    4. Need for Speed Hot Pursuit?
    5. Don’t know
    6. Don’t know
    7. Don’t know
    8. Kinectimals
    9. Electronic Entertainment Expo
    10. LA