E3: Tecmo Announces Game Development For 3DS

You might have seen a few of these mentioned in the Nintendo Press Release, but in case you missed it, Tecmo Koei announced the development of 4 pretty big name titles for the Nintendo 3DS; Dead or Alive 3D, Ninja Gaiden, Samurai Warriors 3D and Dynasty Warriors.  I’ll be curious to see how 3D jiggling looks in DoA – should be entertaining if nothing else.  I’m a huge fan of button mashing action, so the inclusion of Samurai Warriors and Dynasty Warriors is nice, but those are essentially the same game.  Fortunately, Ninja Gaiden will squelch any need for a real challenge, as I’m sure the same soul-crushing gameplay will be included in 3D form.

Now where’s Tecmo Bowl?

Press release follows:

BURLINGAME, Calif., June 15, 2010 – TECMO KOEI GAMES CO., LTD. is proud to announce their platform support for the upcoming NINTENDO 3DS.  The company has commenced development on four titles, all of which will bring a new dimension to their best-selling franchises.   The titles are:

DEAD OR ALIVE® 3D (working title)

SAMURAI WARRIORS® 3D (working title)

NINJA GAIDEN® (working title)

DYNASTY WARRIORS® (working title)

The recent formation of Tecmo Koei represents a bold new direction for the two gaming companies, Tecmo and Koei, who boasts a portfolio of award-winning interactive entertainment products across various platforms.  Utilizing the combined strengths of both companies and the latest in innovative technologies, Tecmo Koei is committed to fully re-imagining the worlds of these beloved franchises on the NINTENDO 3DS.

Details on the four titles including release date, pricing, rating information will be available at a later date.

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