New Silent Hill Coming To Make You Change Your Underwear In 2011

If you ever see this sign on the road, YOU TURN AROUND, GOT IT?

Today, at Konami’s E3 press conference, a new Silent Hill game has officially been announced for release on Xbox 360 and PS3. The game, which is being developed by Vatra Games, will release sometime in 2011.

As teasers often go, not much story can be found in the trailer, but, what we do know is that you play as prison escapee Murphy Pendleton, who, while escaping from a crashed police transport bus, finds himself stumbling into the old ghost town of Silent Hill. Surely, Pendleton will run into puzzles and monsters that will challenge his (and maybe your own?) sanity. Also of note, Silent Hill’s previous music composer Akira Yamaoka dropped himself from Konami, and in his wake, comes Daniel Licht, who’s quite familiar with horror scores having already worked on a few Hellraiser, Amityville, and Children of the Corn films. Licht also composes the music for Dexter, which, is probably the best part of that show in my opinion.

The trailer shows off a brief intro, showing us how Murphy ends up in the town, and besides that, gives us the rest of the stuff we’ve come to expect from the Silent Hill franchise. Lots of fog, creepy citizens, disgusting monsters, and flashlight/gun gameplay. What stood out most to me is how they’ve chosen to go back to the old rust/blood colors for when the town changes into a hell-ish version of itself. The last Silent Hill game (the excellent Shattered Memories) tried to change it to a more icy/blue theme, and I’m not so sure that went over as well as they had hoped.

Regardless, this seems more of a return to form for the franchise. It stands as my favorite survival horror franchise to date, and I can’t wait to crap my pants all over again the second I get my hands on it.

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