EA Releases NHL 11 Trailer For E3

During EA’s Press Conference, a trailer for NHL 11 was to be shown but I don’t recall seeing it. With that said, Platform Nation has it right here!

Every year, EA releases a new game for each sport and we always say why? There doesn’t seem to be anything new in each edition. Yes, there are some minor features added and bugs fixed, but it’s essentially the same game as last year. However, this year, it looks like there are 200 new features being implemented. First, we have the all new face off engine; this gives you more control over how you gain control of the puck and win the faceoff. Second is an all new physics engine that improves the hitting. On the topic of hitting, each hit will be a new hit every time. Third is the ability to break sticks because yes, that happens a lot in real hockey, especially with sticks getting lighter and lighter. With broken sticks, you also have the ability to play the puck with your skates or gloves, get passed a stick from a teammate, or grab a stick from the bench. To see some of these new features, check out the trailer below.

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