How Much Would You Pay For The Nintendo 3DS

We have all seen it and all of the handheld gamers want it, so how much are you willing to pay for Nintendo’s newest handheld?  This question was posed by Platform Nation’s Editor in Chief Steven Artlip during the taping of Platform Nation’s Lock and Load Episode E3 Day 1 .  Now I will not let you in on what we (Ben Lehman, Tony Augustus, Steven and myself) thought the price of the 3DS should be set at so if you want to know what we think make sure to listen to that episode.

Now back to business what would pay for the Nintendo 3DS?  Now before you make up your mind here are the specs for Nintendo’s newest handheld heading our way:

Size (when closed):
Approximately 5.3 inches wide, 2.9 inches long, 0.8 inches tall.
Approximately 8 ounces.
Final design is TBA.
Top Screen:
3.53-inch widescreen LCD display, enabling 3D view without the need for special glasses; with 800×240 pixel resolution (400 pixels are allocated for each eye to enable 3D viewing).
Touch Screen:
3.02-inch LCD with 320×240 pixel resolution with a touch screen.
One inner camera and two outer cameras with 640×480 (0.3 Mega) pixel resolution.
Pre-Installed Software:
Nintendo 3DS Game Card:
2 GB Max. at launch.
Wireless Communication:
Can communicate in the 2.4 GHz band. Multiple Nintendo 3DS systems can connect via a local wireless connection to let users communicate or enjoy competitive game play. Systems also can connect to LAN access points to access the Internet and allow people to enjoy games with others. Will support IEEE 802.11 with enhanced security (WPA/WPA2). Nintendo 3DS hardware is designed so that even when not in use, it can automatically exchange data with other Nintendo 3DS systems or receive data via the Internet while in sleep mode.

Game Controls:
Touch screen, embedded microphone, A/B/X/Y face buttons, + Control Pad, L/R buttons, Start and Select buttons, “Slide Pad” that allows 360-degree analog input, one inner camera, two outer cameras, motion sensor and a gyro sensor.

Other Input Controls:
3D Depth Slider to adjust level of 3D effect (can be scaled back or turned off completely depending on the preference of the user), Home button to call system function, Wireless switch to turn off wireless communications (even during game play), Power button. The telescoping stylus is approximately 4 inches when fully extended.

A port that accepts both Nintendo 3DS game cards and game cards for the Nintendo DS™ family of systems, an SD memory card slot, an AC adapter connector, a charging cradle terminal and a stereo headphone output jack.

Stereo speakers positioned to the left and right of the top screen.

Lithium ion battery details TBA.


Parental Controls:
Parental controls similar to the Nintendo DSi system will be included.

There’s a lot of great features pack into the 3DS.  One thing before you decide, Nintendo’s home console the Wii retails for $199.99 and you can choice from black or white,  but lets remember we are not trying to sway your decision on what the 3DS should be priced at we what your opinion.  So what about those 3D glasses for the 3DS?  Well as you know you don’t need 3D glasses to enjoy the 3D experience.

Enough of trying to sell you on the 3DS let us know what would you pay for the Nintendo 3DS?

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  • Jonathan Maher

    I was lucky enough to get some hand’s on time here at E3. I’d happily pay $249.99, but I assume they will cost $199.99.

    This little thing was easily the highlight of the show for me. Watching the Mario Kart concept video made me smile like a little kid on Christmas.

  • Mr. Lucha

    I would pay $200 for one with a smile. But 250 seems a little steep. Only because I gotta buy one for me and the Mrs. That takes the price tag from $400 to $500. $100 can buy a good amount of sweet games (which I hope don’t get more expensive than $39.

  • I really like the idea of taking 3D pictures and watching 3D movies on the device. I think it’ll be $199.

  • Would probably pay $250 at most, only because the lineup of games initially coming with the system are so strong as well, so I won’t be strapped with a great system and no games.

  • Bazinga

    I’d pay $249.99!!

    Happily! Looks like it’s graphically awesome, and it’s (from what I’ve heard) good 3D and it plays movies and takes pictures! Jeez!

    And plays old DS games!

  • Just like you guys mentioned in the podcast, $199 would be my limit.

  • JEremiah

    Ahh.. The price. I’d like it to be a max of 200$ so that way more games could be purchased earlier on, lower would be better because that means more games.

    • Jeremiah