How Nintendo Won Back An Old Fanboy

Tuesday was a special day.

It was 10:49am in my watch, a mere ten minutes away from the conference (please keep in mind I currently live in Colombia), and I was absolutely skeptical. I even tweeted something like “how will Nintendo disappoint us this time?“. At 11:00am the conference begun and what followed was something very rare and yet very familiar. Nintendo did what it does best; it surprised the world.  This time, however, they did it in style with a kick-ass non-casual conference.

Nintendo wasted no time in showing a pretty promising new Zelda game for Wii. It had a few technical problems, but the potential is clearly there, and the Zelda franchise proves it is always evolving for the best.
A few years ago, a sole Zelda demonstration would have been enough to win E3, but Nintendo wasn’t satisfied just yet, as it continued to show awesome content; namely a GoldenEye remake that looks oddly awesome; and Retro Studios‘s amazing demonstration of their incredible talent with Nintendo software in the form of Donkey Kong Country Returns.

Then, Nintendo showed the world they’re here to stay in the portable market. The Nintendo 3DS is clearly the most amazing piece of hardware I’ve seen in a long time. The house Mario built nailed it in an elegant way. 3D without glasses. Just brilliant.

But, as usual with the big N; software is king, not hardware. And Nintendo delivered in ways that could be considered almost obscene. You see, a name-taking, ass-kicking trailer of the long awaited new iteration of a Kid Icarus game; an endless load of third party games scheduled for 3DS release (including fan favorites like Kingdom Hearts, Resident Evil and Metal Gear Solid) and a solid first party line up that included high-caliber franchises like Paper Mario, along with remakes like Ocarina of Time and Star Fox 64 made the portable console’s debut the best in years.

Above all, Nintendo won in attitude. See, the past conferences were overwhelmingly boring and casual oriented. They were very light on Reggie’s ass-kicking content, and they showed very little bits of hardcore content trying not to be labeled as childish or casual-only.

Apparently, the big N knew their fans were metaphorically crying on their inside. Those fans that were silently longing for the return of the awesome Nintendo they grew to love. It seemed Reggie, Satoru-san and Shigeru-san were just patiently waiting for the perfect time to strike again; the perfect time to become Kokiri forest’s fairies and scream passionately “Hey! Listen!“.

This year’s E3 conference, Nintendo was agile, they spoke with confidence, they let us know they listen to our pleas, they came with the sole conviction of kicking ass, taking names and making awesome games, they knew they had what it takes to win back their rabid fanbase.

Last Tuesday, I felt what I hadn’t felt in long, long time.

There are still a few issues I don’t tolerate about Nintendo (the Wii itself), but the big N took a huge step in the right direction, and I’m proudly considering myself a rabid fanboy once again.

Nintendo won back an old fanboy, and I’m pretty sure I don’t speak just for myself.

Now, if only they implement an achievement and gamer ID system for the 3DS…

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