Can The DS Be A Cheap Substitute For An E-reader?

Some of my readers may have noticed that I haven’t been contributing as often as I used to. This is due to the fact that I am trying my darndest to get a novel published. The road is not an easy one I assure you, but here’s hoping the ends justify the means. On that note, let’s combine two of my favorite pastimes. When I start a hobby I usually run with it, whether that be playing games or in this case reading. Lately, luckily for me, it seems as if the lines between the two are starting to blur.

With devices like e-readers or even the iPad, books are being lifted to a whole other level. The most noted recent example would be WINNIE THE POOH that comes free with iBooks. The illustrations are bright and fun. You can find fun ways to interact with hidden images and even simple things like turning pages is taken to another level.

But what if I can’t afford an iPad? What if Kindle and Nook are extremely overpriced chunks of junk? Well, you may already have e-reading capabilities!

Recently Harper Collins teamed up with Nintendo to bring us 100 Classic Books from authors such as Shakespeare, Jane Austen, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Flip your DS on its side like you would with games such as Brain Age and turn pages with your stylus. For approx. $20 you can create your own mini library with the added bonus of author bio’s and story synopses.

Flips Interactive Books has an interactive book titled, THE MAGIC FARAWAY TREE, available for download in the DS marketplace for 500 pts. While this one is marketed towards children, I think they are on to something. The company also has cartridges available for bigger titles such as PERCY JACKSON and ARTEMIS FOWL available in the UK.

You will always have naysayers who will be pro-book ‘til the end. I for one love love love my book collection. But in instances like these when the hardware is already in the household, why not pick up a new book or two (or one-hundred) and experience a story in a new way.

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  • THE MAGIC FARAWAY TREE! This book was an integral part of my childhood! And you say it’s on DS? I don’t care if I’m 27 next month, I am going to hunt this down and get it. Nostalgia is a powerful thing!

    It raises a good point though, why on earth has this market not been tapped further? The DS, having the massive user base that it does, is perfect for this kind of thing. The iPad is a gimmick, if you ask me, and I certainly wouldn’t buy a reader. I do have a DS though, would love books for it… There’s only so much Pokémon I can take at once!

  • David I agree why hasn’t this market been tapped further I think this is great and if it was marketed as such parents would not hesitate to pick their children up a handheld game system as it is a lot more.

  • Another thing I could have mentioned is the easy online accessibility. If they had an online store that made it easy to download books on a whim they could tap into the BIG I-want-it-now market.