Earn Achievements In The Crackdown 2 Demo

As you know, the Crackdown 2 demo will be arriving on Xbox Live on Monday. What you didn’t know (until now) is that the demo will give you a head start on earning achievements in the full game.

crackdown 2

crackdown 2

The demo includes ten 10 point achievements that you can unlock. If you play the demo and earn them all, then once you pop in the retail disc, they will unlock automatically and be added to your gamerscore. This is a lot like some of the XBLA titles handle their early achievements, giving you a prompt if you want to go ahead and unlock an achievement by buying the full game.

I can’t help but wonder what happened to the early access we were supposed to be working towards with the orb hunt we posted about last month. Early access codes are being given away by an official Twitter account this weekend, but I haven’t heard of one person getting the demo early for finding all the orbs.

The demo is supposed to feature 4 player co-op, so if you get in early you’ll probably be cleaning up Pacific City solo until Monday.

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