Miley Cyrus In Rock Band

Because you demanded it…or wait. Nobody demanded this. After several weeks of hard bands like Pantera, the Deftones, and Ozzy Ozbourne, the pendulum has swung the other direction and we’re getting five Miley tracks. Oh the humanity!

miley cyrus rock band

And we thought Activision was killing the rhythm genre.

The Miley Cyrus Pack 01 is coming to the Rock Band store next week. The pack includes:

“7 Things” +
“Can’t Be Tamed”
“Fly On the Wall” +
“See You Again” +
“Start All Over” +

The tracks with a + will also be available on the LEGO Rock Band store since they are more family friendly. I’m assuming “Can’t Be Tamed” is too hardcore for the LEGO audience. The track pack will run you 680MSP or $1.99 per track on the Wii and PS3.

In all seriousness, if you’re a Miley fan, this is probably pretty cool. I’m not, but I can see how some people are. If Cartman singing Lady Gaga can get into Rock Band, why not Miley?

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  • Iamlamb

    Ah, i might get them eventually lol

  • Why? Has Harmonix ran out of decent music to put into Rock Band?

  • Freakizoid

    If anyone needs me, I’ll be stabbing myself in the ears.

  • You do know that people have different tastes in music? If you don’t like it, fine but don’t go bemoaning the fact that Harmonix doesn’t put any good music in there. With RBN, I believe there are over 1500 total tracks.

    • I think my post was a bit tongue in cheek. I knew the majority of people would roll their eyes at this announcement, which is why I wrote what I wrote. I also think I brought it back at the end by saying if you’re a Miley fan that this is pretty cool. Personally, I wish Party in the USA was in there because I like that song.

  • Stephen

    The fact that they choose Miley over bands like Trivium, Bullet for my Valentine, more Killswitch, etc, just shows they aren’t listening to the requests made by their avid fans. We don’t need Pop in Rock Band. We have Rock pop already and that’s bad enough. But to put actual POP on their, man see you in the afterlife. xx.

  • Demon Child

    Miley Cyrus isnt music its an orgy of random words to make dumb@$$ teenagers think they know what music is, we need more metal in rock band or a game for just metal music cause this is bs, no more disney channel [email protected] about love

  • miley cyrus is ok …she is cool