Kojima Promises Big PS3 Surprise At TGS

Hideo Kojima plans his next movesNow that E3 is over, the gaming community is looking forward to the other gaming events being held this year- Gamescom and the Tokyo Game Show (TGS). TGS is due to be held in September, and Hideo Kojima is already teasing us about what is due to be unveiled there.

He has said that it will be a “massive PS3 exclusive that will own the show”. Now, remember that he is the director of the Metal Gear Solid franchise. Some of you might remember my E3 predictions where I said that it would be nice if there was a Metal Gear Solid HD re-make exclusively for the PS3…could this be coming true? Let’s hope so!

The game was allegedly supposed to be revealed at E3, but Kojima wants to ensure that the demo is “bulletproof” so it’s going to shown off at TGS, probably by Konami.

Thanks DigitalSpy, and roll on September!

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